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The Right Realtor and Team

Making a military move work well takes more than an appreciation for the military. The right Realtor and Team understand the specific structural and personal challenges you are faced with. At The Home Run Team, we understand the process, the financing, and the timeline. We also take the time to understand your needs and concerns, not as just a military move, but as people and families that need all the same understanding and help as a civilian client, and sometimes more.

Our team is about more than just real estate expertise or appreciation for military service. Our team includes former military and military family members who see you as clients with both a special set of needs, but also your own personal goals. There is no cookie-cutter approach, and no quit in us, when it comes to serving those who serve.

With our Military Concierge Service, we can help you navigate the challenges of moving across the country or across the world. We’re here for that first house or apartment, we’re here when you want to retain a property for extra income, and we’re here for you when it’s time to find that forever home to enjoy your hard-earned second act. We don’t just find you a place today, we’ve got your six through your entire real estate journey.

Our system is simple. You tell us what you need, and if there’s a way, we find it. If you are being forward deployed and need a place to rent, we have international relationships for just that kind of move. If you are PCS-ing to a new duty station and need an agent to help you find a home there, we have a nationwide referral network to put you in the hands of one of the very best agents in any market where there is military installation. If you are coming to Norfolk/Virginia Beach/Langley for the first time, our team will be on the job to help you buy or rent the right home for you.


When you know you’re on the way here and decide that we should be the team supporting you, we get right to work. We’ll help you make sure you have everything in order to get started and we’ll learn what’s really important to you. Then we’ll start the search for that home. We’re very experienced at working with clients over long distances, using the latest technologies in our industry. We’re accustomed and practiced at doing video tours of properties so you can review properties at a time that works for you no matter your current time zone, and we communicate by the method that works for you, whether it’s, text, email, Whats App, or something else.

In many cases we can find your new home, get an offer accepted, handle all the inspections and appraisal, and close the sale – all before you arrive here. All you have to do is enjoy your new place.

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We're fortunate to be able to do what we want to do every day, and what we want to do is help clients live a better, more secure life. Whether you're buying a home, looking to sell or relocate, or are an investor, we can help you. No agents will work harder for you, because to us, going to bat for you, isn't work. That's just what you do when you're a team.

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